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19sep4:00 pm7:00 pmCan startups raise capital in Wilmington or are you fishing in the desert?

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WOW, thank you for your support of our last event with 201 people registered!!!

(Picture stolen from Matthew Magne’s LinkedIn Account, thank you SIR !!!)

ANY CITY IN AMERICA would want this attendace number for a monthly startup event. ANY CITY !!!

PLEASE register now for our next event on Sept 19th

Our highest attended events have been around raising capital from investors.

But have you been fishing in the desert in Wilmington? No, there are three angel networks in Wilmington with WIN (Wilmington Investor Network), VentureSouth and WALE. (There was also a Cape Fear IMAF angel group that invested in UnTappd / NextGlass and Kwipped.) And there is a new angel network in Greenville with ECU with a leader who has already spoken at one of our events and he has made it clear Wilmington startups are welcome and a target for their fund. Remember Mark Wdowik ?

But you also have to travel to meet additional investors in regional markets like Raleigh / Durham, Charleston, Nashville, and Atlanta. It helps to know people in those markets before you travel there of course.

We do our best to invite these regional investors to Wilmington to meet you so you have new contacts in these markets and maybe they will help you network to more investors in their city if you are interesting and GRATEFUL for their help. They are turned off by feelings of entitlement. It is your job to make them feel welcome in Wilmington during their visits.

Please register now for our September 19 event

Here are our speakers and investors for our next event:
1. Rob Kaiser – VentureSouth Syndicated Angel Group with 13 different groups of angels in the South and one of the top ten angel networks in the country that now has a presence in Wilmington.

2. Jennifer Turnage – eXelle Yes, that Jennifer, just announced a new Angel Network by women and for Women in North Carolina. Jennifer has some SERIOUS background in finance even before starting MyBeeHyve in Wilmington

The ‘xEllerateHers’: Here are the 15 women behind xElle Ventures

Women investing in women: New angel network xElle Ventures launches in NC

3. Bill Warner – IMAF RTP Angels – Bill is a frequent attendee and participant at our events but Bill is also a true ring leader among the North Carolina Angel community and has invested in Wilmington.

4. Ken Janoski – NC Biotech Center – Not a name you probably know but Ken has been a startup founder and active angel investor in addition to an executive from the North Carolina Biotech Center. He has never been to Wilmington. Let’s make him feel welcome.

The NC Biotech Center is based in Durham and has a large annual budget from the legislature to grow the 2nd largest industry in NC. But the Biotech label may be misleading as they also have a focus on medical devices and agriculture.

Most importantly they have grant and loan programs that Wilmington startups are not currently benefiting from and our need to apply for much more often. Yes, we have Life Sciences startups in Wilmington.

– Besides making a positive return on investment, WHY do Angel investors risk their money by investing in startups?

– You remember Tim McLoughlin from our June event. Yes, Investors need your startup to have an exit like and acquisition or an IPO on Wall Street. That is WHY they invest !!!


Our October event will be on October 10th and is themed, “Mystery Startup Theater” at 5:30 PM


A BIG Thank you to our sponsors who make these FREE events possible. Please support them !!!

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