Results Junkies Tech Tour Heads to the (Wilmington, NC) Beach

As part of bringing startup knowledge and investor attention to the lesser-known hubs of startup innovation, Paul Singh launched the Results Junkies Tech Tour. He’s criss-crossed the country, visiting cities like Helena, Montana, Lincoln, Nebraska, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Tallahassee, Florida. For his last stop in the South, he’s headed to Wilmington, North Carolina, and Singh’s event along with a host of other panels, mixers and opportunities for face time with real startup investors and mentors, are taking place Oct. 4-6.

Results Junkies Tech TourOrganizing all of this, of course, is Jim Roberts, the most dedicated and persistent startup supporter we’ve ever met and the founder of two startup organizations supporting Wilmington entrepreneurs—Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington and the Wilmington Angels for Local Entrepreneurs. Roberts recruited the Tech Tour to Wilmington by raising the $5,000 required to have a tour stop. He also lined up the 15 or so other events—some private, some open to anyone—taking place next week all over the city “in places where the entrepreneurs already work,” says Roberts, such as in co-working spaces, incubators and even a brewery.

Singh will be hosting a panel on Thursday, Oct. 6, called “Been There, Done That and Got All the Startup T-Shirts,” featuring local, experienced entrepreneurs who have been through the startup grinder—Jennifer Turnby of ChannelAdvisor and Spoonflower, Bruce Mancinelli of WebSurveyor, Jordan Cohen of Semantic Machines, and Tony Pease of GoodBookey.

There’s also a session for aspiring entrepreneurs, covering important topics like pre-revenue and gaps in the local startup ecosystem, including tech talent, involved mentors, and scaling after startup.

Roberts is most looking forward to what he calls the Aspirin event. It’s an annual opportunity for the area’s large employers to explain their five biggest pain points to a room full of local entrepreneurs who can then propose their “aspirin” solutions. “We have first-time entrepreneurs who are creating solutions without knowing if these solutions are for actual problems that local companies would pay for,” Roberts says. “So why not start by listening to companies that have resources and what they need.”

To help prepare attendees for this event, Roberts wrote this Quick Guide to Making the Most of a Unique Opportunity for Startups in Wilmington, NC. The title, at least, suggests this guide is specific to next week’s event, but the tips inside are relevant to any startup event anywhere.

“Thanks to our sponsors, this is a FREE series of events and now it is up to our startup entrepreneurs to be prepared to take advantage of this huge opportunity,” Roberts say. “We are eager to get our local and regional startups to understand the drive and sense of urgency needed to succeed in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. The ‘beach pace’ does not work when you are dealing with angel investors and venture capitalists.”

For a complete lineup of the events and to register, visit